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I’m finding that the root cause of many of the injuries I treat is bad posture. This mostly applies to my clients that sit at the computer for work all day. Apparently, posture is also related to moods, not just muscles. I just came across this very cool article on about how posture effects your mood and how you can use it to change your emotions.

How to Trick Yourself Into a Better Mood

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Massage Therapy For Headaches

If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, you may want to try Trigger Point Therapy. This article is written for massage therapists, but it reminded me that a lot of people don’t know that massage therapy can help to relieve and even prevent the onset of a headache.

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Great article from Massage Magazine

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Check out my interview in Voyage LA

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I’m Ba-a-a-a-ck!


I’m very happy to announce that I’m back to work! I’m still recovering from my hip surgery, but so far so good I’m progressing nicely. This is a huge milestone for me since I have not been able to work since February, and it’s been a year since I’ve been able to do much activity in general. I have greatly missed my hikes, pilates and especially riding my horse! I have recently been cleared to start walking the hills, a little at a time and I was told I can do ‘light’ pilates. The next major milestone for me is getting back in the saddle, literally! LOL I want to thank my family and friends for all their support and I would like to thank my clients for their patience as well as all their love and support while they waited 4 months for me to return. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in my office soon!


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Hip Surgery – Post Op Update


The surgery went very well. The surgeon said the tear wasn’t too bad and only needed 3 stitches. He said the cartilage was in great condition and there was no arthritis. Based on that, I am expecting a very good outcome and complete recovery.  I am already able to bear weight on my leg fairly well and it’s been 10 days. I’m supposed to stay on crutches for 2 weeks. My stitches come out today and I begin physical therapy on Friday. If I continue to improve at this rate I am very hopeful that I will be able to return to work by the week of May 22nd. Stay tuned, I will post an update on my FB page when I am officially back to work.

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Spending Time With My Boy Before Hip Surgery


The orthopedic hip specialist diagnosed me with a labral tear. It requires arthroscopic surgery to correct. The surgery is scheduled for April 28th and my projected return to work date is May 22nd. It’s a long recovery at a total of 6 months to return to normal, but I will be able to work 3-4 weeks after surgery.

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My Massage Office is temporarily my PT rehab room!

ptroomHow did I get here?! Unable to work, temporary handicapped parking, transforming my massage office into my personal PT studio…What, what? In July 2016, I pulled a muscle in my quad and my hip flexor tendon. I re-pulled the hip flexor in October 2016 and who would have thought that it would come to this??? I’ve had to put work on hold, I’ve been in PT for the last 8 months and although my quad is better, I’ve been having issues with my hip. I see an Orthopedic hip specialist next week. Stay tuned, updates to come.

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Neck Pain and the Computer

I have been seeing more and more clients who complain of neck pain. They also have nerve pain associated with it that runs down their arm and pain near their shoulder blade. The reason for this is that the vertebrae in their neck has compressed and pinches the nerves (it’s also possible that a disc is bulging, but regardless, my approach is the same). Most of my clients who suffer from this type of neck pain work at the computer most of the day and they have what I call ‘computer posture’. This posture is basically rounded shoulders and the chin jutting forward. This shortens the pectoral muscles, muscles in the chest and stresses the muscles across the back and also compresses the cervical spine, (one or more vertebrae in the neck). To properly treat this injury, I use a combination of spine mobilization, a technique I learned from a physical therapist where I palpate each individual vertebrae in the neck and then I massage out the Trigger Points in the neck (front and back), the arm and upper back, etc. I also tell my clients to ice their neck and any area where they have pain. The mobilization opens up the vertebrae creating some space in order to stop the nerve from being pinched.  When my clients’ pain is reduced or resolved, their posture must be corrected so they don’t re-injure themselves. I recommend a book called “Pain Free at the PC”, by Egoscue to help them correct their ‘computer posture’.

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Acute Sports Injury-How Massage Therapy Can Help You

Normally I like to use examples based on my clients’ issues to illustrate my point, but sometimes I think it’s a good thing when you can use your own experience as an example. It gives me an opportunity to practice on myself, improve my techniques AND truly know what it feels like to be treated for pain or injury.

My greatest love is horseback riding. I am a fairly experienced rider, I love to trail ride and I also compete in the english hunter/jumper discipline. Here’s my story: I fell off my friends’ horse last Tuesday. I fell on the side of my left leg after she spooked on the trail. I was far from the barn and I had to walk over a mile to find her after my fall. I’m very  lucky I was able to walk, I wasn’t so lucky the last time I fell off her. As I walked along the trail after the fall, I could feel the pain in my leg, but since I was walking I knew it wasn’t broken. Luckily, it wasn’t excruciating and I was able to ride back to my barn once I caught my horse. I have a giant bruise the size of a saucer and swelling the size of a baseball on the side of my leg. I also have cuts as well as the bruise all in the same area.

Here is how I’ve been treating this injury:

Day 1, ice 3x and rest (I’d also recommend taking arnica, I was out of it at the time)

Day 2, ice 3x and I put a little Traumeel on the bruise (Traumeel is a creme and has some arnica in it)

Day 3, my hamstring is and has been extremely sore since my fall. It’s too acute to massage at the site of injury and it’s also contraidicated to massage a swollen or deeply bruised area. I was able to massage lightly above and below the injury which helped to reduce the intensity of the muscle spasm. This flushed toxins and gave me some relief. I also had some Trigger Points in my calf and shin, hip and glute which I massaged out. I was having some discomfort in those areas, but the main pain is coming from my hamstring. After releasing the Trigger Points, I had reduced my pain by more than half! I also continued to ice the bruise and lastly, I soaked in epsom salts. My bruise went from jet black to dark red after the soak.

Day 4 to now -the swelling is going down, but every so slowly. I am continuing to massage my hip, glute and hamstring once a day, my calf is fine, the Trigger Points never came back after the first massage. I am still only working the hamstring above and below the site of the injury. This eliminates the referred pain and I can move about comfortably and I can actually forget about it!

I will continue with more updates as I go through this healing process.

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