Posted by: lsadler | January 22, 2010


I recently came down with tendonitis in my wrist and hand. It is definitely a repetitive stress injury since I didn’t have an accident. Once I realized what it was I started with massaging the Trigger Points in my hand, forearm and tricep. I even found tension that was connecting from my shoulder and neck. I followed my massage with 10 minutes of ice on all the sore spots, mostly hand and wrist. I also took an epsom salt bath and I’ve been putting some Traumeel on my wrist and hand. I’ve iced it twice today and plan to ice it once more before bed. I am taking a couple days off and hope to be back to work by Saturday, especially because I’m booked up! Between rest, ice, massage and Traumeel I hope to have a quick recovery. I’ll post an update tomorrow.

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