Posted by: lsadler | January 27, 2010


I started working with a new client today who suffers from whiplash. The interesting thing about her case is that she has pain throughout her entire left side. This brings up the point that our muscles and soft tissue are all intertwined, like a tapestry. What happens to one muscle will affect other muscles. Here’s how it works: when a muscle experiences a trauma it goes into a guarding mode to protect the body from further injury. When a muscle guards, other muscles will do the work that the guarding muscle used to do. If the guarding continues for a long time, the muscles that jumped in to do its’ job will tire and other muscles will kick in to pick their slack, thus a domino effect. As each muscle fatigues, lactic acid and toxins build up, resulting in pain.

My client had x-rays, MRI’s and physical therapy. The x-rays and MRI didn’t show any abnormalities, and physical therapy didn’t produce any results. I have experienced the effects of whiplash in my own body and I can say from personal experience that unless the soft tissue is released, the root of the pain cannot completely heal.


  1. love your blog! so kool to hear about the body in terms that I can truly relate to and picture; thank you for being clear and very real in your writing!


  2. Thanks for reading my blog. I hope that I can help people both through my work and my writing.


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