Posted by: lsadler | February 11, 2010

Low Back Pain And Muscle Spasms

The other day I got a call from a client who was complaining of low back pain. She said it was really severe and she was starting to get shooting pain down the front of her thigh. She told me that every time she went to bend forward, especially to put on pants or socks, that it was excruciating. Luckily I was able to see her right away. What I found was that she had muscle spasms in her paraspinal muscles. These muscles run lengthwise down the back next to the spine. Normally, low back pain can be caused by muscles spasms in the glutes and/or hamstrings. She had some tightness in her glutes, but I was surprised to find that the paraspinal muscles were the major issue. When I started working on them, they felt like cords or ropes. I didn’t think they would give in one session, but when I finished, my client told me that she didn’t have any pain when she went to bend forward to put on her socks. The shooting pain was also gone.


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