Posted by: lsadler | February 22, 2010

Acute Pain – Muscle Spasm in the Low Back

I normally deal with people who suffer from chronic pain and injuries, but once in a while I have to address the issue of acute pain with my clients. This time it happened to be my husband. While horseback riding yesterday, he suddenly got a sharp pain in his low back and had to immediately stop riding. When we got home I had him ice his low back. I made him ice a second time before getting in the shower. Heat is NEVER recommended for an injury in the first 48 hours. Normally, you should not even get a massage for 3 days after an injury has occurred. In my husbands case, when he has had back spasms in the past, they were minor and I was able to work on him right away and relieve the spasm. This time it was much worse, but we gave it a try anyway. He was in so much pain he couldn’t lie comfortably on the table until I put a pillow under his stomach. I worked on his upper glutes, the gluteous medius and that gave him a lot of relief. Once I began working on the muscle spasms along his spine, they would calm down, but within seconds they’d spasm again. This is why you don’t get a massage for 3 days after an acute injury. Once I realized what was going on, I immediately stopped the massage and sent him off to ice again. I had him ice a total of 4 times yesterday and advised him to ice 4 times today. I had him sleep with a pillow under his knees as well. This morning he said he was starting to feel better, that it was getting easier to walk.

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