Posted by: lsadler | July 1, 2010

Tips to prevent Tendonitis of the wrist/elbow

When I was a graphic artist, I developed tendonitis in my right arm. I’m right-handed so that made life very difficult. I will go into more detail on how to cure tendonitis in another post, but for now, here are some things I did to help myself. First of all, I couldn’t stop using the computer so I switched to my left hand to use the mouse. This was awkward at first, but eventually I got pretty good at it. Later, I bought a Wacom tablet and that was the best way to mouse I’ve found. The tablet uses a pen to move the mouse, so you don’t hold your hand over it the way you do other mice, including the ball mouse, which is very popular for this issue. I also started buying more of my vegetables already chopped. I found that Trader Joe’s tends to carry a lot of pre-chopped veggies and salad. I also bought a knife sharpener. You put a lot less pressure on your arms when you keep your knives sharp. I took MSM, a supplement that reduces inflamation. A friend of mine that was in cooking school developed a really bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome and she suggested MSM to me. It’s a naturally occurring substance already found in the body, so it’s not a drug and has no side effects. I read a great book about MSM, written by the doctor who discovered it’s many uses.

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