Posted by: lsadler | March 13, 2013

Neck Pain and the Computer

I have been seeing more and more clients who complain of neck pain. They also have nerve pain associated with it that runs down their arm and pain near their shoulder blade. The reason for this is that the vertebrae in their neck has compressed and pinches the nerves (it’s also possible that a disc is bulging, but regardless, my approach is the same). Most of my clients who suffer from this type of neck pain work at the computer most of the day and they have what I call ‘computer posture’. This posture is basically rounded shoulders and the chin jutting forward. This shortens the pectoral muscles, muscles in the chest and stresses the muscles across the back and also compresses the cervical spine, (one or more vertebrae in the neck). To properly treat this injury, I use a combination of spine mobilization, a technique I learned from a physical therapist where I palpate each individual vertebrae in the neck and then I massage out the Trigger Points in the neck (front and back), the arm and upper back, etc. I also tell my clients to ice their neck and any area where they have pain. The mobilization opens up the vertebrae creating some space in order to stop the nerve from being pinched.  When my clients’ pain is reduced or resolved, their posture must be corrected so they don’t re-injure themselves. I recommend a book called “Pain Free at the PC”, by Egoscue to help them correct their ‘computer posture’.

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